Chapter 9: Drama Wednesday
May 8, 2017
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Chapter 9: Drama Wednesday

Le jour de gloire est arrivé!

(The day of glory has come!)

La Marseillaise

SoundTrack: Worakls - La Parisienne

When I met Medina on Nevsky Prospect at 11 a.m. I needed a big warm cup of americano to wake me up. She was the first girl I meet who wore absolutely stunning clothes without taking herself too seriously. Whenever we met later on, she would always be wearing heels.

I insisted on inviting her for breakfast, and in return she insisted on giving me a city tour. She took me to a hidden coffeeshop with insanely good cappuccino, and this time she invited me for the coffee. See, that’s a girl who understands that giving is as important as receiving!

We walked on and on and on. I saw parks, museums, churches, hidden bridges and ‘make a wish and throw a coin’ places.
When we walked past the “Field of Mars”, she pointed at a building and said, “This is where the old senate used to meet.” I paused and thought, this is where my ancestor was a senator in 1917 before the communist revolution took it all away from him. I shivered.

From there, we walked along the Palace Embankment which was right next to the Neva River. It was probably four in the afternoon and I was exhausted, sleepy and horny as fuck. She was smart and hot, and I wanted her badly. But I hesitated to even put my arm around her. I wanted to kiss her, but I refrained from doing it.

Finally, around 8 p.m. we walked back to the metro. To take her green line, she had to pass by the red line which was mine. We hugged and said goodbye, and while waiting for my train, I watched the escalator take her to her station. Even after she disappeared, I didn’t take my eyes off. When my train arrived, I froze. I felt a pressing fear that I might regret not doing what I wanted to do.

Fuck it.

I rushed towards the escalator, and thank the heavens she was still waiting at her dock. When she saw me, she lifted an eye brow and smirked.

“Yes?” she said.
“I… I was wondering if… well… if you’d want to take another line tonight?”
“Of course not!”
“Oh, okay then… I… I guess I’ll just take my line!”

I wished I could have crawled back home, hiding from people’s eyes. I knew they were looking at me laughing at the shame of this rejection.

Chat with Medina

Me: Thx for today. It was great to see the beauty of Peter. But GOD! I was disastrously bad at the metro!
Medina: Of course! I didn’t expect it, but it was fun. It’s not the first time someone makes such a proposal to me. So you can relax, just a bit. But, I will have to think if I want to forgive you or not ;)
Me: Don’t. Maybe punish me. Though, I’m only thinking about it through a sexual lens :D
Medina: Vafancullo!!! I’m not sure I wanted to know that!
Me: :(
Medina: Because now I am considering selling you to ladyboys as a punishment :D
Me: Jesus! I never know when you’re joking and when you’re not, so I keep on falling into your traps!
Medina: The real trap is that I don’t know if I’m joking or not ;)
Medina: I will speak seriously now.
Medina: 1. I don’t do one night stands.
Medina: 2. I’m very easy going, friendly and flexible. I would say that you are an interesting person, but I don’t know you enough to say anything more.
Medina: 3. Honestly, you almost offended me in the metro today, but if I were in your shoes, I would think of how you can change my mind, maybe with some nice behavior… and don’t even fucking think about erotic things (That was not a joke. Seriously… Don’t even think!).
Me: I don’t like to manipulate people. I am also of an incredibly erotic nature. Erotism for me is art. Sex is in many ways an insult to erotism when it is done like most people do it. That being said, I know myself: I can’t change your mind without erotic things. So, it seems that there is no point to try and dig deeper. We better simply remain friends :)
Medina: I don’t believe you can know many erotic things without having a long relationship. When you know the person well, you can learn how to really kill him ;)
Me: Try me ;)
Me: I don’t need four years to kill someone, I only need a couple of hours. Yes cocky, but I know what I’m talking about. When you spend so much time denied sex in a country like Lebanon, you turn to S&M, the art of driving a mind crazy with simple words. The tease and denial process. Digging deep into one’s soul and the other’s soul and fucking things around.
Medina: Usually guys who speak that much about things they can do, can’t really do a lot…I tried many things. I even used a strapon! I am not saying that you can’t learn the way you did, but what I’m saying is that when you can reach this state of “union” with the other person, you can do crazy things like fucking without condoms or you feel free and relaxed with the other to try anything and everything. This kind of sex is completely different.
Medina: Also, erotic things won’t change my mind because I can speak about sex quite easily :)
Medina: By the way, I knew that you were going to do this at the metro today. I even bet on it, and I won :D
Me: I had a feeling you were fishing for something, but I hesitated because I never invite a girl to my place after a first date. And yet, you confused me with your hints…
Medina: I didn’t hint at anything. Sometimes, I just can’t control my sex energies!
Me: So, why didn’t you come back with me?
Medina: Because you weren’t confident.
Me: Speaking of confidence, I was wondering if I should kiss you when walked next to the river.
Medina: The kiss wouldn’t be the right way. Do you want to know what could work?
Me: Do you want to tell me?
Medina: Women love confident men. You could have taken my hand and told me “let’s go.” I would then ask you where we are going, but you’d only answer “let’s go.” This would have shown me that you are self-confident. And that is incredibly sexy!

Wine Bar

Later this week, we met at 10 p.m. at a wine bar located in the city center. The place was quiet and had a piano. I decided to play on it, but when I glanced at her, I noticed that she chatted on her phone which demotivated me. I stopped playing.

“Tonight,” she said, “I’m going to teach you bad words in Russian.”

This was not my favorite topic. Nor was I entertained with the way she made fun of me whenever I failed to pronounce a word correctly, or if I forgot one I was supposed to have memorized already. I also kept an eye on my watch because I did not want to miss the last metro. I was still carrying my work bag. I had also been raining all day long.

“What time the metro stops?” I asked her.
“Around midnight.”
At 11:45 p.m. we paid the bill, but we didn’t leave yet. “You need to install this taxi app,” she told me.
“Just do it you, idiot! If you use this invite code, we get a discount.”
I installed the app, but somehow my credit card didn’t work.
“Are you sure you put it the right way?” She asked.

After many failed attempts, she decided I was an idiot (again), and she used the app on her phone to order a taxi. We went outside and waited for the cab, but then she realized that we had to walk to a nearby avenue. It was raining lightly, but I was fine at first to hide under my hat. Then, I casually took a small umbrella from my bag.

“You seriously had that umbrella with you all of this time?” she scolded me.
“Yeah, but it’s small…”
“Doesn’t matter, you idiot!”
When the cab arrived, she asked me: “how are going home?”
“I’ll walk.”
“Are you out of your mind?”
“I’ll be alright.”

It took me thirty minutes to walk home in the cold, and under a light rain. By the time I entered my warm bedroom, I was soaking wet, and my bones were freezing. I remember thinking, “This bitch… I fucking hate her guts. I will never, ever see her again. Fucking bitch…

Drama Wednesday

Wednesday, April 13.

Today is a great day even if today is the thirteenth, but I’m not of a superstitious nature.

“Dude,” I told David, “I’m having a MILF for dinner!”
“Does she have kids?”
“Then how does that make her a MILF?!”
“She’s ten years older than me. Does that count? :D”

I met the MILF a few days ago. We went out for dinner once, then drinks a second time. She was not quite talkative, but she had big breasts that I couldn’t wait to feel between my hands. At 8 p.m. I picked her up from the metro station. We ate and drank a bottle of wine. Then I opened a second. We were sitting opposite to each other on the table, resting our backs on the wall. I was paralyzed, and I didn’t know how to proceed next. I improvised and dimmed the lights. Maybe that would help clear the tension, at least this trick worked in the past. But, instead of sitting back on the chair, I got behind her and rubbed her shoulders.

“How many bottles of wine will it require for me kiss you?” I asked.
“I don’t really like it when the guy is too fast.”
“I see,” I said almost squeezing too hard on her shoulders.

I returned to my chair, anger boiling in me. I wanted her to get the fuck out of here, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I fiddled with my phone.

Chat with Medina

Medina: Let’s buy popcorn on Friday and go to the metro and watch people!
Me: Fine, but I want to know what you want to do after.
Medina: I don’t know. Bar? Party? What do you want?
Me: You, at my place.
Medina: I’m actually free right now.

I swallowed.

I don’t know how the hell I pulled this off. It probably was my anger at the MILF? The second bottle of wine was empty, and the MILF said she had to leave. I walked her to the metro station. On my way back home, my ex called me. I hesitated to pick up because I haven’t heard her voice since we broke up last December. We spent about half an hour on the phone. She complained, nagged and cried about her situation with her current long-distance relationship. She knew deep down that she didn’t want him. But she couldn’t just ‘breakup’ with him because she loved him, or at least she thought she did.

I had no interest in her drama, but at least I tried to calm her down with whatever way I could. I hung up and met Medina at a nearby park. I saw her on the other side of the street but, even though no one was around, she didn’t seem to have noticed me. I phoned her. She picked up, but she didn’t look at me. Was that one of her jokes or was it a trap? When she finally crossed the street, I realized that she was crying. I hugged her despite her attempts to reject me.

“What’s going on?” I asked.
“Do you have wine?”
“What did you do today?”
“I read Dostoyevsky.”
“The idiot?”
“No,” I said, “did you forget that I was the idiot?”

She burst into laughter. Even though I wasn’t quite happy of this self-derision, I was satisfied to see her smile. Once home, I tried hugging her but she stopped and burst into tears which turned me on, who the fuck knows why! So I kept on trying to hug her. She kept on crying, and my hard-on wasn’t going anywhere.

She finally let me hug her, and I felt her glorious breasts pressing on my chest.
I sighed.
She broke the embrace.
I sighed again.
When I tried hugging her again, she stopped me with her hands and said, “You want to make me cry again?”
I said nothing, but I wanted to whisper, yes.

She went to the bathroom, and when she came back, she had removed her lipstick. She pushed me on the wall behind me and we kissed. But, she did not let my hands touch her. Instead, she lifted my hands and held then on top of my head. She lifted my shirt and used it to blind my face. Then, she sucked my nipples while her other hand grabbed my hard dick, filling the room with my hard moans.

After all the drama I went through this night, I was quite relieved to have her take charge especially that I was receiving pleasure from a woman that knew very much indeed whatever the fuck she was doing. She was a pro, and I was at her mercy.

She unbuttoned my pants and sucked me. Jesus Christ, the blowjob she gave me was and still is to this day, the best I ever had. You see, women who pride in their capacity to multi task, somehow fail to do so when sucking a dick and they don’t use their hands. Medina, on the contrary, was stroking my hard stick with one hard, and gently squeezing my balls with the other.

I was blinded by my own shirt, while she still had her clothes on, and she kept at doing what she was doing until I blew my load and exploded furiously in her mouth. She gave me a small break in the course of which she shuffled music from my computer. After that, she let me undress her, but didn’t let me touch her beautiful breasts. We headed to the bedroom and fucked hard. I didn’t cum from it, but she stroke me a second time and I couldn’t resist blowing my load in her mouth again.

Maybe Medina is the woman who will finally make me cum from sex and enjoy a hint of monogamy?

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